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mdts offer a range of services to Small or Start-up Business. An Internet presence is now an essential part of any business, it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Whatever industry you are in, you will benefit from a custom designed mdts Internet Site for your business.
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Internet Strategies
To make the most out of the Internet, it is important to create a corporate identity, and present your website to appeal to your customer base. mdts carry out a detailed analysis of your business, to identify how your business can make the most of the Internet, this includes researching the activities of your competition to ensure your website has a competitive edge. This information is then turned into a professional designed website using the appropriate format and features, that will be a major part of your marketing and sales strategy.    more...

Website Templates
Have a look at the standard templates which have been pre-designed to provide quick and cost effective websites for those businesses taking their first step onto the Internet. All templates are a guide only, the colour scheme, wording and page content is redesigned to suit your corporate image and make the site unique.    more...

E-Commerce Solutions
For those small business wanting their first step into selling on the Internet, you could take advantage of an mdts E-Commerce Solution. Professionally designed to provide your customers with an easy to use shopping facility, whether you are looking at selling 10 or 10,000 products. All online systems designed by mdts are scalable. This way you can start with a small range of products and the online shop will adapt to accommodate your growth.    more...


Specialist Services

Host Transfers
If you already have an Internet site but want to keep the domain name or the general layout of the site, then mdts will look after the running of the site and deal with any transfer issues involved. Then we can start to see how the site can be adapted to become a more powerful business tool.    more...

If you develop your own Internet site or are happy with your current designer, you could benefit from the collection of mdts WebTools. Each WebTool gives you professional integrated features that would normally not be possible with your current host and whats more they are FREE for low usage websites. The most popular WebTool is the WebStats, this monitors visitors to your site and provides a wide range of reporting formats.    more...

Online Business Systems
Bespoke systems development can be engaged to provide your business with a custom designed application. Typical projects include stock control, order processing, client relationship management, and company specific functions. These applications can either be internal, or be integrated into your e-commerce solution.    more...

Interactive Internet Solutions
If you don't feel your business is suited for online business, but feel you could offer a more interactive front for your business, then mdts can provide you with a solution to meet your needs. This could be by building a community through discussion forums, review service or customer services such as account status or payment. Whatever your requirements, mdts will design a solution to suit your business.    more...

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