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mdts have 9 years experience of providing Project Management services to the financial sector in the City of London. This covers Internet/Intranet solutions, client server application development, infrastructure design, implementation, and high availability.
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Online Business Systems
Bespoke systems development can be engaged to provide your business with a custom designed application. Typical projects include stock control, order processing, client relationship management, and company specific functions. These applications can either be internal, or be integrated into your e-commerce solution.    more...

E-Commerce Solutions
Whether your business is new to selling on the Internet, or you want to expand your existing Internet services, then an mdts E-Commerce Solution will help your business meet the demands of your customers, streamline the processing of orders and improve communication with your customers.    more...

Internet / Intranet / Extranet Strategies
To make the most out of the Internet, it is important to create a corporate identity, and present your website to appeal to your customer base. mdts carry out a detailed analysis of your business, to identify how your business can make the most of the Internet, this includes researching the activities of your competition to ensure your website has a competitive edge. This information is then turned into a professional designed website using the appropriate format and features, that will be a major part of your marketing and sales strategy.    more...


Specialist Services

Consultancy Services
mdts provide consultancy based work in Management and Technical roles. Specialising in cross platform project management, including network, servers, desktop, telecoms and facilities.    more...

Infrastructure Planning
To complement your E-Commerce solution, mdts can provide an implementation planning service. Typical implementations include web servers, database servers, email servers, data servers, and network infrastructure.    more...

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MDTS - Corporate Website Designers, ECommerce, Internet Systems, IT Consultancy UK
MDTS - Corporate Website Designers, ECommerce, Internet Systems, IT Consultancy UK
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