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Enthusiast Solutions

mdts offer a range of services to the Internet Enthusiast. Whether you're a seasoned web developer or just building a hobby website, you will benefit from the collection of WebTools and Websites provided by mdts.

The collection of WebTools have been designed simply to be incorporated into your existing projects. By adding a small section of code into your static html pages, you can provide interactive tools such as Guest Books, Surveys or Reviews. Additionally, other tools allow you to keep a track of your visitors, such as how many different people have visited the site, which country they are in and which pages are most popular.    more...

WebSite Templates
If you are looking to set up your own website and don't want the hastle of signing up for web space or designing an attractive website, then mdts have a selection of pre-designed websites to choose from. Each of the designs has it's own characteristics and can be set-up quickly.    more...

Internet Solutions
You may be looking for a more personalised look to your website, in which case mdts will design your website to suit your needs and appeal to the people who will be visiting it. The final product can be as simple or complicated as you want, professionally designed to create impact and effect.    more...


Specialist Services

E-Commerce Solutions
If you are looking a little more seriously at Internet solutions, you could take advantage of an mdts E-Commerce Solution. This would enable you to catalogue or sell products over the Internet, art work, your music, pc utilities, etc.    more...

Interactive Internet
For the more demanding of enthusiast, you could take advantage of an mdts online system, providing a more specialised service on the Internet, typical examples include database driven pages, visual effects, or systems designed specifically to meet your requirements.    more...

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MDTS - Website Templates, Hit Counter, Web Statistics UK
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