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mdts provide a range of services to a variety of business types. To make it easier to find the services applicable to your business, select the appropriate heading to find out more information on each.

Small Business
A significant number of mdts customers are small businesses. We see small businesses as those that operate out of a single premises and provide a local service. Many of these businesses benefit from a presence on the Internet, providing details on products and services. mdts provide custom designed Internet solutions to appeal to new and existing customers, alternatively there are a selection of website templates available to provide a quick and low cost solution.

Additional services that will appeal to smaller businesses with specialist requirements, include ecommerce solutions for online shops and a selection of webtools to enhance existing static websites.    more...

Medium Enterprise
More demanding businesses require a stronger presence on the Internet and many have a national or international customer base. A professional and user friendly solution is essential to give the desired coverage and aid expansion. Being able to provide an online service, be that an online shop, service or product tailoring, or a more diverse service, strenthens the corporate image and opens the customer base to the Internet community. Providing Internet based services cuts costs in respect to administration, property, and marketing, leading to greater profit margins and the ability to streamline business processes.

Additional medium enterprises may be interested in consultancy services for Internet and technical infrastructure planning. Integration of existing or new business systems with the corporate Internet solution provides the next level of customer services, and reduces the amount of administration necessary to process transactions and deliver your services.    more...

Large Corporate
Key corporate's in the market place generally have established Internet services. mdts provide consultancy services to the largest of corporate bodies, generally based in the City of London. Most commonly, mdts are commissioned to drive corporate projects from established project management techniques, mostly for cross-platform infrastructure project initiatives and Internet/Intranet based systems and services.

Consultancy and contract terms are available on request.    more...

Internet Enthusiast
There are many individuals and groups out there who already develop their own Internet sites, these people will benifit from the collection of webtools provided by mdts to add enhanced features and website monitoring. For the none technical enthusiast or group, mdts have a selection of website templates to choose from, or you could sign up for one of the content management sites that allows you to maintain the content of your website without having to get to grips with html.    more...

Phone 0800 242 5787 for Professional Friendly Advice.

To request the services of mdts or discuss your requirements further, please click here for additional contact information.
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