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Professional solutions for small businesses and large enterprises.

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MDTS have been producing Internet Solutions for many years now, to large and small businesses. Here is a cross section of some of the solutions that have been produced for our clients.


Web Site Design

Business Web Sites - Content Management

John Whibley "Holidays With Music"

Bespoke Content Management more...

RCCG Grays

Bespoke Content Management www.rccggrays.org more...

Online Business Systems

Database Driven Websites providing Bespoke Business Systems

Luncheon Express

Online Business Systems www.luncheonexpress.co.uk

Luncheon Express is a catering company providing wholesale and retail services in the north of England. They have been operating for 15 years and have expanded their distribution area and services dramatically.

Since the introduction of their corporate web site, they have been impressed with amount of new business initiated through information found on the Internet. Use of email has had a huge influence on the level of business they receive from large corporate companies, including sporting events, stadiums and government bodies. The management, who were initially reluctant to invest in the internet, believing it was not appropriate for their business, have now replaced their telephone number on the side of their 30 delivery vehicles, with the web site address as the primary point of contact.

I have it on good authority that the food and the service is second to none.

The Referencing Agency

Website Development Online Business Systems www.thereferencingagency.com

The Referencing Agency Ltd provide a unique service to their clients, offering employee screening services to give peace of mind to employers. Specialising in the Aviation, Financial and Retail industries.

The management of The Referencing Agency were looking for a bespoke business system to improve communications with their customers by offering an online application form for candidates to complete and allow clients to monitor the progress of the applications online. MDTS was approached to investigate the benefits of providing such a service and integrating the online system with their existing systems and processes.

"Hats of to MDTS, we now truly have an online business. They imediately understud what we were trying to achieve and the professional and skillful attitude gave us the utmost of confidence from the begining. Staff are now able to spend more time screening candidates without worrying about providing regular updates to our clients. The facility offers a major advantage over our competitors, this alone has won us new business. And the website looks great, very professional. Thank you MDTS. BTW we have more enhancements for you to look at."

Needless to say the management are delighted with the results and such quick return on investment. As will all our clients, MDTS are constantly working with the business to manage and improve their online business. Including providing a new Flash website as the front to their online business stream.


Interactive Internet Solution www.kidscounty.co.uk more...

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