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MDTS specialise in providing Internet based services for small and large businesses.

Each solution is custom built to meet your business requirements, so don't make do with an ordinary website, have one that you can be proud of. We believe that business image is a key factor to the success of a business and understand that the Internet is a major shop front for most businesses.

E-Commerce Solutions

Enhance your business to sell its products and services on the Internet, with a custom designed system to meet the needs of your customers. This may include product catalogues, payment processing, order tracking, or something specifically to suit your business.

Online Business Systems

Online Business Systems, designed to meet your internal and/or external business requirements. This may include order tracking with internal management and secure public enquiries, or a custom designed system to fit your business processes and client relations. These systems may be driven by existing databases within your organisation or a new powerful database system to provide dynamic and efficient solutions.

Website Design

Create your corporate image and provide valuable information to your existing and potential customers. Designed using the latest technologies and custom made to appeal to your client base.

Internet Strategies

If you are not sure how to make your Internet presence most effective, or want to explore a particular idea, mdts can undertake a study of your business processes, culture, products and services and produce a strategy to provide more publicity, improve your corporate image, and give you that competitive edge.

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