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E-Commerce Solutions

mdts specialise in providing Internet based ecommerce solutions and services, to large and small businesses. An mdts ecommerce solution is designed and developed to the highest standards using the latest hardware and hosting services. Care is taken to assess the genuine requirements of the business and identify opportunities available to benefit both the business and their customers.

Today is a great time to launch an online business – the competition is less, the technology is better, and Internet use is at an all-time high.

The Internet Revolution

Internet shopping has been popular for a good few years now, but with the rapid expansion and availability of broadband, online shopping is often more desirable than leaving the home. Faster Internet connections means a much less painful online experience and more diverse or specialist shops are easily accessible, hence many people now buy products that they would normally know about or doesn't have a predominant high street presence.

An online interface to a retail business enables 24 hour shopping for customers, whether that be from the convenience of their workplace, or the comfort of their home.

E-Commerce Evolution

The vast majority of the website developers in the market place provide static websites, targeted at providing information about the client’s company and products or services that they provide. Some of these are well designed and informative. One of the problems with static sites is that the information is difficult to update by the client and the information is always presented in the same format. With the introduction of ecommerce these sites start to struggle, the information cannot be quickly and easily updated for new products or changes, the developer would need to be consulted to produce additional pages, and often the information becomes so out-of-date its value to the client diminishes.

Using more advanced Internet technologies it is possible to build immensely powerful ecommerce systems, providing full catalogue browsing and search facilities, up to the minute information is presented to the customer. All the information about products, stock availability, customer accounts, current and historic orders, etc. is stored in a central database, this information can be updated by the company continuously if necessary and the most recent information is presented to the customer.

The Power of E-Commerce

The big online shopping companies offer impressive and robust services based on powerful ecommerce system. mdts custom design and implement powerful ecommerce systems which are designed around the clients requirement, the culture of the clients business and specifically directly to appeal to the intended customer base. Careful analysis and research is undertaken to achieve a solution that will have the optimum return on investment.

Custom Design

In providing E-Commerce solutions and online systems, mdts carryout a detailed analysis of your business and make strategic recommendations for you to gain the greatest benefits from the Internet. All mdts E-Commerce solutions are custom designed with the client and their customers in mind, from the layout of the interface to the functionality and ease of use.

A well designed and functional online presence reflects on the professionalism and standards of your business to online customers. A small investment and a lot of commitment can provide huge benefit as far as business perception and a significant financial return.

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MDTS - ECommerce Design, Online Shopping, Website Designers UK
MDTS - ECommerce Design, Online Shopping, Website Designers UK
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