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Information For Businesses

To the small and medium size business, a presence on the Internet builds on your existing business operation. Having a presence on the internet benefits the business by promoting products or services to a world wide audience.

A well designed website attracts a professional image, which appeals to both existing and potential new customers. By expanding the scope of a website you can incorporate some interactivity, enabling your customers to browse products or services that you have to offer, they can then choose which services are required and purchase on-line.

Further from this by incorporating the technical complexity of website and business systems, a level of true interaction can be achieved, providing stock querying, order status and balance of account. Through commitment a complete web orientated system can emerge, providing complete process control of your business through the Internet gateway.

At present, having an Internet presence is an effective marketing tool.

In the future, not having an Internet presence will pose as a threat to many businesses.

Five Levels of Internet Business

Below are the 5 levels of Internet activity, every company that has a web presence fit in to one of these categories. The size and type of the business usually dictate how far to progress Internet activity.

1. Email Communication

24 hour communication with your customers.
Ability to conduct business over the Internet by electronic communication with customers and suppliers. Your customers can send information to you 24 hours a day.    more...

2. Website

Internet presence offering information about your business.
Advertisement of products or services offered by your company, and keep your customers informed of company changes or simply public notices,through publishing reports and news items.    more...

3. E-Commerce Solutions

Ability to commence business over the Internet.
Allow customers to see what products or service are available and purchase on-line. Many Retailers provide the ability for customers to purchase products over the Internet in addition to the conventional method.    more...

4. E-Business Solutions

Integration of your business systems with your website.
By integrating your company stock control, accounting and delivery systems, your customer can view their account, order products or services and query delivery status.    more...

5. EcoSystem

Complete integration of your Internet site with all aspects of your business.
Your company will revolve around the Inputs and Output of your website (E-Centric).
You will have the ability to provide "Straight Through Processing" to automate business administration, Providing that competitive edge over your competitors. Often known as a DotCom company.    more...

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