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Internet Strategies

mdts specialise in providing Internet based services for small and large businesses. Special attention is paid to your business, all work produced is designed and implemented to fit with the culture of your business. We believe image portrayal is a key factor to the success of a business and understand that an Internet based systems is a major shop front for many businesses.

The Internet Revolution

Over recent years the Internet has become an integral part of life for most businesses and many individuals. With the introduction of broadband Internet connection, and its availability to everyone, more people have quick and convenient Internet access from the comfort of their own home or office.

All businesses can take full advantage of the Internet revolution. Advertising and marketing has taken a whole new turn and the latest techniques are available to everyone without the need to invest thousands of pounds. The Internet has provided small businesses the same potential as its international competitors, while the larger companies had recognised the true value of having an effective Internet presence early on in its evolution, small businesses who are now seeing the explosion of online business, can still jump on the scene and reap the same advantages.


In order for small businesses to compete with those larger companies, the same basic approach must be followed to ensure the final product is both fitting to the businesses requirements and has been designed to appeal to the intended audience.

Marketing is an essential element to the ultimate success of a businesses Internet presence. Potential customers need to be able to find your website. For businesses providing products and services to a local community, it may be as simple as providing a clear sign outside your premises or on company vehicles. This way people only need to remember the Internet address of your company, they will then be able to get all the information on what products and services you provide, your prices, where you are based and contact details.

How mdts Can Help

mdts undertake detailed analysis of your business to identify the key attributes to the success of the new Internet solution. You will be able to review the findings and work together to ensure the most appropriate approach is taken and an appropriate marketing strategy is drawn up.

The nature of your business will generally dictate the most appropriate approach. mdts provide solutions for all manner of business, from small retail outlets requiring simple advertising, to fully functional online shopping. No matter what your requirements are mdts have a solution to suit your needs and your budget.

Further Information

For more information on what approach is right for your business, see the Information for Businesses page, which details 5 levels of Internet presence that can be achieved.

For more information on a custom designed website, see the WebSite Design page. Alternatively the cost can be kept down by using a pre-prepared website design, a sample of these can be seen on the WebSite Templates page.

For the more adventurous business, online shopping can provide a significant secondary income, for information on how this would affect your business process and how mdts can help, see the E-Commerce Solutions section.

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MDTS - Website Designers, Business Web Sites, Company Web Design, Internet Services UK
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